About Us

GASXPSE is a consulting company specialising in gas geochemistry applied to natural gas exploration, production, storage and related environmental implications.

We offer field studies, gas detection and analyses, mapping, training, reports.

We are closely partnering with GasConsult Int. Inc., an established oil and gas consulting company in California.

Dr. Martin Schoell, Dr. Martin Schoell brings to GASXPSE  40 years of international consulting in government, industry and academia.

GASXPSE is specialised on isotope and molecular gas-geochemistry for gas origin and petroleum system evaluation.

GASXPSE uses advanced and integrated interpretative tools endorsed by the international academic community and oil industry, and published in peer-reviewed scientific literature.

GASXPSE operates and collaborates with a network of experts from leading international institutions, laboratories, universities and research centers, for the application of innovative field investigation techniques and geochemical process-based models.