Dr. Martin Schoell is an internationally known geochemist, specialized on gas isotope geochemistry of petroleum systems. He developed fundamental concepts of gas geochemistry at the Federal Geological Survey in Germany.
He is the principal author and co-author of many fundamental papers on gas geochemistry applied in gas exploration and production.

From 1984 to 2001, Dr. Schoell was a senior Scientist at Chevron’s research centers in La Habra and San Ramon in California and worked in international gas exploration (Gulf of Mexico, San Juan Basin, West Texas, Williston Basin, South Sumatra, South China Sea, NW Siberia, Nigeria, Angola, NW Shelf Australia, Papua New Guinea, the North Sea and the Gulf of Thailand).
Dr. Schoell was instrumental in bringing the technique of Mudgas isotope analyses into Chevron operations from where this technology spread into the industry.

Dr. Schoell did extensive lecturing all over the world. Dr. Schoell won the 1995 AAPG Best Paper Award and the 2008 Alfred Treibs Award, the highest honor in the scientific community in the field of Organic Geochemistry. Dr. Schoell founded GasConsult International Inc. (GCI) in 2001 and GasXpse in 2019.

Dr. Martin Schoell

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